Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dozi celebrates Women's Day

 A remarkable Woman  :  Phoebe

“Mama, why is it that marriages lasted in your generation”? I wanted to know the secret from my mom. She was married to my father for 48 years before he passed on. She looked at me, responded teasingly and said: “well, during our times we did not know the meaning of two words: abuse and rights”. Wow! I knew she was joking but I wondered whether there was some truth behind the cynicism. My parents’ marriage was not a perfect marriage, but an authentic marriage. It had it’s mountains and valleys. There were sunny days and cloudy days but through it all the marriage covenant and their love kept the family together. There were days when I was fascinated by my mother’s submissive spirit, and wondered whether God was trying to teach me something. She is as strong as an ox, yet gentle as a dove. A family activist, who campaigned for the rights of her family, and ensured that the family unit remained unscathed. This generation needs such women, who will fight for the preservation of the family unit.

My mom’s trademark is her ability to derive humour from every situation, and then her laughter brightens the darkest of circumstances. Her name, Phoebe, means ‘bright and shining’
Today I will spend Women’s Day with this special woman, a woman who God has blessed with so many years. During her youthful days she used her gift of gentleness to nurture the little ones. She was a nursing sister during the era when nursing was a calling.

Woman of Purpose, Woman of Destiny

I dedicate this poem to all the women who God has placed in this generation for 'such a time as this'. May you rise up and possess your gates.

I am a Woman
Don’t abuse me, and don’t accuse me.
Cherish me and appreciate me,
Allow me to be.
 I’m a woman

Don’t batter me and don’t bruise me.
I want to feel safe and secure in my home.
I want to nurture the lives that God has entrusted to me.
I am woman,

Don’t enslave me, and don’t ensnare me.
I must live
                                      my purpose and bring glory to God's Name.  
Destiny is conceived within me.
 I am a woman.
Don’t mock me and don’t humiliate me.
Respect me and don’t take me for granted.
I am fashioned in HIS image and likeness.
I am a woman.

Don’t stifle me and don’t silence me.
I want to use my God given gifts and talents to sow into the lives of others.
I’m a vessel used by God.
I am a woman.

Don’t shun me, don’t banish me.
I want to belong and be accepted.
I am called and I have a mission to fulfill in this generation.
I am a woman.
kena nkoma

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